Relax in the Artist Hospitality Center, featuring breakfast treats daily and refreshments throughout the day.

Booth-sitters can be scheduled from the ACA’s Harris House, 214 S. Riverside Drive, near artist registration. Booth-sitters should be identified through their IMAGES badge, and can be scheduled for up to ½ hour increments. Please advise the booth-sitter as to how you would like potential sales handled, i.e. cell phone. Due to liability, they are not allowed to handle sales transactions, and all monies, credit card slips, etc., should be locked and safely secured by the artist.

The IMAGES staff will keep you informed regarding unfavorable weather conditions and will give instructions or assistance as needed. Do not leave because of showers – show goes on rain or shine.

Please do not move from one space to another without obtaining permission from the artist registration booth. This is critical for judging. There will be no changes after noon on Friday until after the judging is completed on Saturday.

Sales tax in this area is 6.5%. A Florida state sales tax form is included in your packet.

JUDGES VISITATION: Stay with your booth until both judges have visited you on Friday afternoon or Saturday. The judges tour the park separately with a committee of assistants. Please be sure to sign the visitation sheet when the judge and committee visit your booth.

2023 Judging for cash awards will begin at 2 PM on Friday, January 27, and conclude at 4 PM on Saturday, January 28. Judging criteria will include excellence, identity of design, creativity and master craftsmanship.

Awards will be announced during the Artist’s Dinner Saturday evening.

No vehicles will be allowed to remain in the show area once set-up is completed. Please park your vehicle in the designated parking area. Place the exhibit parking pass in a visible location on your vehicles dashboard. Parking is first-come, first-serve.

Overnight parking is available at the New Smyrna Beach Parks & Recreation Department; please refer to your artist acceptance package for more information.

Public restrooms are located at the northeast end of the park near the Brannon Civic Center and at the south end of the park by the children’s playground.

There is a playground (unsupervised) for your children at the southeast corner of the park. We also have a Creative Education Area, with “hands on art projects,” located in the tent by the playground.

Coffee will be available at check-in, and boxed lunches will be delivered to your booth on Friday. Saturday’s Artist Dinner features a wonderful menu with an option for vegetarians. There is a varied menu available at the food court or at the concession stands located throughout the park.

A professional security firm oversees the Festival Friday and Saturday from 7 PM to 7 AM. Boy Scouts camp in the park both nights as well. There is no security Sunday night. It is suggested that you take your artwork with you when you leave the park.

Police and Emergency Medical Technicians are stationed at Downing Street and Riverside Drive.

Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions, but feel free to let us know how we can make your weekend at images: a festival of the arts a pleasant one. Without you, there would be no show!


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