We are looking forward to coming together again for an amazing IMAGES: A Festival of the Arts on January 28, 29, and 30! IMAGES and Atlantic Center for the Arts staff and volunteers have been working all year in planning an enhanced experience for artists and patrons in 2022, after having earned a prestigious #16 ranking nationwide for Fine Arts Festivals in 2020. Each Patron commitment received by November 11th will receive a signed poster at the Festival!

Being a Patron is the way to experience the Festival while supporting the artists and community! Patrons pledge a minimum of $400, with $200 being returned to you in “Doris Dollars” that you spend at the Festival on artwork, jewelry, and other fine art items of your choice presented by IMAGES artists; $200 of your pledge is tax-deductible.  In addition, Patrons receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive cocktail party with heavy hors d’oeuvres Friday night, January 28, 2022 at the Brannon Civic Center
  • Food, beverages, and cocktails in the Patron’s Lounge at the Brannon Civic Center, Saturday and Sunday during Festival hours
  • Preferred parking pass [first come, first served]
  • Comfortable venue [at the Brannon Civic Center] for relaxing and socializing when you need a break from shopping
  • Private bathrooms
  • Patron’s tote with award ribbons to be given to artists when you purchase an item from them using your “Doris Dollars” Patron’s money
  • Professional advice from the staff of ACA for art selection

Click here to renew your Patron Pledge and/or commit to underwriting a prize, click here to renew your IMAGES Membership or you can phone the IMAGES office at 386-423-4733. There are so many exciting ways to become involved in OUR community event and we can’t wait to see you!

If you prefer to pay by check, please make payable to IMAGES and mail your payment to:
IMAGES: A Festival of the Arts
214 S. Riverside Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168


Thank you to our 2022 Patrons

Larry Schaefer and Kathleen Abbaticchio
Michael Adams and Kimber Adams-Stanley
Ben and Abby Adams
Matt Ahearn
Joseph and Linda Aiello
Warren and Joanne Anderson
Gerry and Patricia Appleton
Carl and Pat Arvidson
Marlin and Donna Athearn
Margery Atherton
Sam Atkinson
Will and Nancy Barclay
Bobbi Barlow
Jim and Sharon Bayer
Evan Bayer
Bruce and Karen Beattie
Judith Beckwith
Mark and Laura Beckwith
Shirley Begy and Tom Stoddard
Joanne Behr
Doug and Vicki Bolas
Sophie Boraca
Kelly Boren
John and Frankie Breslin
Corey Brown
Robert and Lisa Bucher Jr.
Kristina Buck
Chip Burton
Randy and Debbie Carlos
Ivan Castro
Rob and Betsy Cavanna
Pat and O’Ann Christiansen
Jean Clark and Georgia Ann Schuller
Fred and Amy Cleveland
Steve and Kathy Cole
Casey and Kathleen Connors
Nick and Sabrina Conroy
Denise Crutchfield
Dave and Marge Currie
Gary Bauer and Jill Daniels
Suzanne Dantini
Buddy Davenport
Michael and Terry Davis
Valerie G. Davis
Ron and Paula Davoli
Susu Day and Frank Ferro
Scott and Rita Denson
Ron and Nancy Detjen
Jeff and Jennifer Devine
Alison Dexter
Frank Diefenderfer
Skip Diegel
John Leslie and Holly Duboc
Lisa Dunphy
Bernie and Kari Dusich
Elite Marine Construction
John and Christine Elnitsky
Jim and Lisa Engelbrecht
Don and Diane Enslen
Pete and Catie Erdei
Jerry and Laura Evans
Stuart and Pat Fisher
Marty Bystrom and Lori Flick
Sue Flynn
Stephanie Ford
Teri Ford Brown
John and Sharon Foster
Reed and Holly Fowler
Helen Fretwell
Jim Frost
Chris Fuselier and Diane Boyce
Norman Gaines
Bill and Susan Gannon
Bob and Christa Gatchel
Jean Gillen and Jeff Dowman
Lynda Graham Mays
Bob and Karen Granstrom
Kris Gronert
Nancy Grummer
Erik and Marie Halleus
Kevin Haran
Norine Harris
Neil and Barbara Harris
Ed and Jeanie Harris
Randy Hartman
Brian and Cathy Hartman
Dr Samuel and Catherine Heideman
Paul and Nancy Heineman
Glenn and Sharon Herbert
Chelsea Hester
Roy and Peggy Hester
William and Kim Higgins
Marie Hill and Dr. Debbie Joyner
Curtis and Laura Hodges
Randy and Beth Hodges
Dave and Sam Hoffman
Gregg and Laura Hopkins
David and Eileen Hoppen
Mark and Ann Hull
Alan and Jeri Hunter
Woody and Annetta Igou
Mike and Pam Ison
Robert and Bronwyn Jenkins
John Jeronimo
Rhonda Kanan
Sally and Jeff Kaplan
Andrea Karr
David and Jean Ann Kelley
Ed and Sue Kenny
Sandra Kijonka
Sam Kinney and Joey Twardowsz
Skip Kirst and Eric Hogan
Ken Klemp and Thomas Wilkey
Nance Koch and Peter Dovi
Robert and Cindy Koenig
David and Patricia Kolkman
Michael Kolody
Marjorie Koloski
Karl and Leila Kronenberger
Sarah Krueger
John and Linda Kulzer
Pamela Laczkowski
Tim and Elise Laubach
Glen and Sally Leffler
Judith and David Leroy
Rodney and Margie Lints
Lesley and Sandy Lounsbury
Marsha Lundy
Michael Ennis and Barbara Luttrell
Bobby and Nancy Maddox
Ivy Mader
John Peel and Nancy Malmberg
Mike and Patricia Malone
Stephen and Robin Mansfield
Terry and Meghan Martin
Dr. Richard J. and Ann E. Martorano
Leigh Massey and Catherine McDermott
Phil and Alice Mastin
Bernie and Belinda McCarthy
Elizabeth McCord
Ed and Mindy McDowell
Patrick and Susan McFarland
Rebecca McGinnis
Doug McGinnis
Robert and Cathleen McGrath
Jason and Jess McGuirk
Samantha McHugh
John and Julie McNamara
Betty McNamara
Russell Mellette and Scott Green
Brent and Lisa Merilson
Mary J. Miller
Robert and Mary Miller
Sarah Miller
Jill Monash
Jeffrey and Mindy Moore
John and Darlene Moore
Gerald Moquin
Brad and Lisa Morgan
Jim and Mari Moye
Nancy Neel
Russell and Karen North
Tom and Jane O’Connor
Michael and Colleen O’Donnell
Emily Ollila and Linda Stapler
Matt Ollila and Anita Layton
Bob and Rose O’Neill
Sandy Oswald
Michael and Debbi Ovacik
Russ Owen
Chuck Steinmetz and Margie Pabst Steinmetz
Pamela Patton
Tim and Susan Payne
Belinda Pena
J and Maryclaire Pendergast
Una Poole
Hiram and Gloria Powell
Bill and Kathy Preston
Sonny and Barbara Prietz
James and Alexis Pugh
Fred and Jeanie Raffa
Sandee and Ken Ragsdale
Rex and Patty Raudenbush
Judy Reiker
Rod and Cheryl Rich
Tom and Tish Richards
Bill and Doreen Robinson
Bill Roman and Joey Farrell
Dick and Jeri Rosedale
Ammie Ryan
Jake Sachs
Chuck Wohlust and Judy Sanborn
Jay and Debora Schmeltz
Shirley Schmidt
Ralph and Cynthia Searles
Deborah Shafer
Stephanie Sherby
Larry and Bev Shine
Jo Simonini
Anne Simpson
Jo Sinclair and Bo Sterk
Charlotte Smith
George and Nancy Sommer
Serge and Jennifer Sorese
Marilyn Stephens
Robin Stewart-Townsend
Mike and Pat Stubbs
George and Cindy Swan
William and Nancy Tallent
Annette Taylor
Chris and Abbie Teague
Barbara Thomas
Dick and Bev Tucker
Donna Urbanski
Sally Vance
Rosanne and Vincent Vezzi
Tom and Kathryn Warlick
Mary Sue Weinaug and Guest
William C Weinaug Jr and Guest
Sally West
John Wetherill
Dee Whited and Lee Moore
Gary and Pamela Wilkins
Karee Williams
Diane and Fulton Williams
Stuart and Linda Willoughby
Charlie and Carol Wilson
Matthew and Stefanie Wiseman
Suzanne Young
Joe and Cathy Young