IMAGES Festival Committee & Volunteers

IMAGES: A Festival of the Arts’ volunteers are the backbone of its operation, and indeed, of our community. Over 150 strong, they bring a great enthusiasm to IMAGES that makes the event so welcoming to artists, visitors, and locals. They bring their unique talents and interests, creating impressions that are not soon forgotten.

“If you have never been involved with putting on an event like IMAGES, you cannot imagine the number of people required to make it work.  The volunteer effort for IMAGES begins a full year before the festival, they are integral to what we do,” says Nancy Lowden Norman, Atlantic Center for the Arts Executive Director . “One of their greatest contributions is their enthusiasm. They approach every job with joy, whether serving breakfast to artists or assisting with parking; and the participating IMAGES artists comment on it as a highlight of the festival. We are very grateful for our hard-working and friendly volunteers and for our dedicated IMAGES committee members.

The committee for the 44th Annual IMAGES included:

• IMAGES Chair – Denise Crutchfield
• IMAGES Coordinator – Nance Casey Koch
• Patrons Chair – Marsha Lundy
• Patrons Committee: Laura Beckwith, Donna Greene, Cathy Harrington, Jeanie Harris, Nance Casey Koch, Linda Kulzer, Kim O’Connell, Jane A. Peirson, Margie Pabst-Steinmetz, Barbara Prietz, Diane Williams, Denise Crutchfield, Charlene Drive [in memoriam]
• Artist Booth Sitting Chair – Julianne Nelsen
• Artist Dinner – Sue Flynn and Sherry Ryan
• Compliance Chairs -Beverly Shine and Dee Whited
• Entertainment – TBA
• Information/Merchandise – Jean Clark
• Hospitality – Ivy Mader and Shirley Begy
• Judges – Nance Casey Koch
• Registration – Amy Nowell
• Creative Education – Peggy Imbert
• Student Art Exhibit – Shy Morris
• ACA Administrative Assistant – Kelly Timmons
• ACA Development Coordinator – Heather Paternoster
• ACA Facilities Coordinator/ Park Layout – TBA
• ACA Director of Community Programs – Eve Payor
• Gallery Director – Meghan Martin
• ACA Marketing and Membership Director – Kathryn Peterson
• CPA – Kevin Miller
• ACA Executive Director – Nancy Lowden Norman