What is a Patron?

The Patron’s Choice Awards, totaling $200,000 in 2017, demonstrates community support for the Festival, thereby enhancing its reputation and increasing its prestige. Patron’s Choice Awards are given by individuals or businesses who commit to spending a minimum of $200 on artwork at the Festival and who make a $200 tax-deductible donation; this commitment demonstrates community support for the artists and the Festival. The Patrons select work for purchase, then give the artist(s) a prestigious “Patron’s Choice Award” ribbon to be placed in his/her booth.

To become an IMAGES Patron, phone the IMAGES office at 386-423-4733 or click here to join online

In addition, Patrons receive the following:

  • An invitation for two to the exclusive Patron’s cocktail party with the Festival judges at the  beautiful new Brannon Civic Center, Downtown New Smyrna Beach.
  • Have fun in the Patron’s lounge Saturday and Sunday. Meet with your friends as you determine your strategy for touring the festival, enjoy a glass of wine and light fare.
  • A parking pass, providing parking closer to the Festival
  • Guidance in selecting a piece (or a professional can select for you if you cannot attend the Festival)
  • Gift certificates are available as client or thank you gifts, as birthday gifts.

Thank you to our 2018 Patrons!

Ronald and JoEllen Alcock
Sel and Margery Atherton
Patricia Babcock
Norman Barclay
Sharon Bayer
Dean and Judy Beckwith
Maurice Bergeron
Roger and Bets Berry
Rick and Nancy Bosserman
Tony and Brenda Bowen
Kristi Brandt
Frankie Breslin
Kara Brittingham
Kristina Buck
Rob and Betsy Cavanna
Patrick and O’Ann Christiansen
Steve and Kathy Cole
Gene and Judy Cooper
Jenny Cottingham
Jonathan and Denise Crutchfield
John and Kaylene Curtis
Buddy Davenport
Ron and Paula Davoli
Robert and Deborah Dean
Scott & Rita Denson
Dr. Frank Diefenderfer, III
Neil and Lillian Dorsey
Adam Dovi
Pat and Charlene Driver
Chick and Sharon Dry
Sandra S. Dryden
Holly Duboc
Lisa Dunphy
Diana Durst
Bernie and Kari Dusich
Buddy and Paula Eidel
Lisa Engelbrecht
Richard and Terry England
Richard and Terry England
Michael Ennis and Barbara Luttrell
Don and Diane Enslen
Jerry & Laura Evans
Avrohm and Cheryl Faber
Randolph and Susan Fields
Cosmo and Mary Filiberto
Stuart and Pat Fisher
Chris and Diane Fuselier
Bill and Susan Gannon
Susan G. Gardner
Eleanore Ginader
Robert and Karen Granstrom
Kenneth and Donna Greene
Michael Haga
Dudley Haines
Jon and Susan Hall
Erik and Marie Halleus
Daniel and Catherine Harrington
Doris Harrington
Edward and Jeanie Harris
Neil and Barbara Harris
John and Kathleen Healy
Roy and Peggy Hester
Penelope Hickey
Dennis and Anne Higginbotham
Susan Hitchcock
Dr. William and Linda Hoffmeister
Eileen Hoppen
Mark and Ann Hull
Mike and Pam Ison
Seymour and Debra Israel
Donna Jarus
Kenneth Johnson
Walter and Ann Johnson
Beverly Judge
David and Jean Kelley
Sam Kinney
Philip and Dorothea Knaub
Peter Dovi and Nance Koch
Marjorie Koloski
David Kosmas and Donna Concannon
Sarah Hudson Krueger
Linda Kulzer
Joseph and Linda Lane
Doni Lennon
John Leslie
Rodney and Margie Lints
Bobby and Nancy Maddox
Ivy Mader
Janice Mahlstedt
Christian Marsch and Jennifer Kerr-Marsh
Richard and Ann Martorano
Anthony [A.J.] and Joan Mastrullo
Betty McNamara
John and Julie McNamara
J. Anthony Messina
Harry Metcalf
Robert and Mary Miller
Sarah Miller
Chuck Moore
Jeffrey and Mindy Moore
Jeff and Mindy Moore
Dee Whited and Lee Moore
Jim and Mari Moye
Jim and Mari Moye
Jim Murphy and Trish Thompson
John Nolan
Michael and Colleen O’Donnell
Karl and Evelina Okerstrom
Sandra Oswald
John Peel and Nancy Malmberg
Jane Peirson
Henry and Marion Phillips
Una Poole
Mary and Ronald Prati
Sonny and Barbara Prietz
Tina and Randy Pritchard
Sandee Ragsdale
Judy A. Reiker
Rodney and Cheryl Rich
Tom and Trish Richards
Bill and Doreen Robinson
Howard and Lenore Roland
Richard and Jeri Rosedale
Shirley Schmidt
Bob and Terry Schuster
Ralph and Cynthia Searles
Deborah Shafer
David and Carol Shea
Timothy and Alexa Sheehan
Ronald and Deb Shockey
Alice Shull
George and Nancy Sommer
Serge and Jennifer Sorese
Kimber Stanley
Marilyn Stephens
Glenn and Cat Storch
George and Cindy Swan
Lee and Cindy Terrill
The Tyrell Foundation
Kevin and Marlene Thomas
Total Vision Eye Center
Richard and Beverly Tucker
Dr. Joe and Pauli Uricchio
Barb and Hank Vehige
Cynthia Walker
Liz Waring
Tom and Kathryn Warlick
Lindsay and Nickie Barnes Whittaker
Thomas Wilkey and Ken Klemp
Fulton and Diane Williams
Sue Williams
Charlie and Carol Wilson
David and Judy Winters
Paul and Carolyn Wolf
Jonathan Wolff
Bernice Woodsum
Joe and Cathy Young
Stacey and David Zagury